World History 

Tonight's Homework:

  • Haiti Comics due Monday, March 16 

*Latin America Quiz Wed, March 18

Honors World History 

Tonight's Homework: 

  • Haiti Comics due Monday, March 16 

*Latin America Quiz Wed, March 18

Art History 

Tonight's Homework: 

Main Idea HW Sheet

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2019-20 school year! 

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Our Textbook!

The textbook used in class has an interactive website which contains information and interactive features for each of the chapters. While it does not contain the chapters online, these features can be helpful to studying. The Pearson Hall World History: The Modern Era Edition can be found here. Please feel free to visit and use this site as a tool in your learning!

Today in History

What happened on this day in history?

Primary Documents

Find primary documents and resources that can be used in classrooms. 

Why History?

Understand why it is important to study history.


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